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Hello, My name is Marco Cabrera. I am a healer, and a warrior, and recently taking every step I can take towards becoming a shaman of the Peruvian lineage have just completed my Pampamasayoq (Tender of the Earth Spirits) and am now considered a Paq’o (or a shaman of the Q’ero people (Pre-Christian Peruvian lineage)).

Claire and me
My wife and I. (I’m the one with the beard)

Religion and Spirituality are not the same thing.  As far as religion, I am a Unitarian Universalist.  As far as spirituality, I am somewhere on the pagan spectrum.  I consider myself a Pantheist .  I see a God (the Royal, Gender non-specific God), or an aspect of God in everything.  And one of the gifts given to me, perhaps leading to my path of Shamanism, is that I can speak with the Gods, Goddesses, spirits, energies, and the dead.  Please note here that Shamanism is NOT a religion, it is a job.

I, myself, truly value science. So when I started to really dive into my spirituality (I fought it for a very long time) I decided that I would figure out a way for it not to sound crazy.  So I also dove deep into science. And when the more I learned about both Quantum and Astrophysics, the more confirmation I find in my spirituality.

Another note, I don’t take myself too seriously.  I try to be humble, I know I make mistakes, and I definitely offend people.  But, I feel that the more I learn and the more I do in learning about Shamanism, the more I help the people around me.

Good luck in your own searches.

I would also like to take a moment and thank those who have helped keep me sane though this.

Special Thanks to:

My Wife, Claire.
Who picks up what I must drop to fulfill all of my duties to be my whole self.

Dr. Jean Lowe Carlson ND (Sister-in-Law, and Channel)
–> Also, an Amazing Author (http://jeanlowecarlson.com/Become a patron on Patreon
Who learned to open up, and grow along side me. Continuing to alternate between student and teacher from one-another.

Friends who help, and offer amazing guidance
Rabbi Chava Bahle
Laura with Wild Goose GuidanceBecome a patron on Patreon

And Last but not least: My Wyna Allyu
The very small spiritual group (wyna allyu) with whom I have learned and overcome the challenges to become a Peruvian Paq’o. These amazing humans have walked with me in our joint goal to achieve this calling.
Caitlin Terry
Kellie Witkowski

And, My Mentor:
James Stovall
He and his wife run an amazing store in Jackson, MI – please check them out.
and his podcast can be found at:
The Jaguar and the Owl Become a patron on Patreon



 “I’ve found working with Marco over the years to be very helpful in clearing energetic blockages and disruptions from my home, my land, and my being. He is a very gifted communicator and has a broad knowledge of spirit and is very intelligent in his way of partnering with the unseen world to create balance and beneficial outcomes. ” — Elon
“My experience with Marco Cabrera as a shaman has been one of positivity, healing, and growth. Marco has done energy and healing work for both myself and my infant daughter, and each time I have seen and felt great improvement. From injuries, to pregnancy – and in my daughter’s case, acid reflux that was causing her great discomfort and inhibiting her sleep – Marco’s ability to share his gifts has made a marked difference physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I feel blessed to have him in our lives as a spiritual touchstone and friend.” — Sarah
“I am sincerely grateful to Marco for so many facets of his work, not least the real results that have originated from his Shamanic practice in my home and business. These services have been enhanced by the accompaniment of sound advice, keen insight, and powerful observation, on matters both seen and unseen. Marco’s sense of curiosity, sharing, and fun pair well with his wisdom and knowledge, and I always appreciate his way of delivering information with the warmth of a truly respectful, trustworthy, and innocent spirit. I have been thrilled to recommend his shamanic works to my clients, family, and friends.” — Mary

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  1. Hey Marco,

    I’m so happy for you and your family. What an amazing accomplishment in completing your Pampamasayoq. You have been such an amazing part of my own journey and I can’t thank you enough!

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