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Ok, trying to find a fancy way to say, “I probably forgot to select the category”. But, to be truth, Everything IS the same, and one of something, is everything. So I am not lying.

Thinning of the veil

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Interesting time period as a sensitive.  This is the time of year when the veil between realities is at its thinnest, and it is easier for people to encounter spirits/entities/etc.

As a sensitive, it is always amazing the things you will see (and then realized that others don’t).  This year is a bit different for me.  I have been working closely with the new relationships I made in my Initiation to the South.

So far, I have spent 2 weeks with:

  1. Hatun Amaru (The Great Serpent)
  2. Otorongo (Jaguar)
  3. Huanacauri (Dragon)
  4. Siwar Q’enti (The Royal Hummingbird)
  5. Kuntor (The Condor) ~ Working with at Present

Will work with:

  1. Huáscar (Trickster spirit of the underworld) (Ironically will be with him/her over Halloween.  This should be interesting.
  2. Pirua (An organizing spirit of the Middle World)
  3. Pachakuti (An organizing Spirit of the Upper World)

At this moment in time, I am enjoying time with Kuntor.  And as part of this relationship building process, my team of spirits have stepped back so that I can really learn these new spirits as they will help me grow.  They are also shielding me from others.

I still speak briefly with my Ancestors, and while my team (Michael, Natalia, Aieulli) remain silent out of respect.  But in this time with the thinning veil, I hear my Ancestors, Hecate, Rabbi Jesus, Natalia, Aieulli, and Michael when none of us expect it.

Even with this much protection, it is easy to feel as if you are crazy from time to time, when voices appear in your head, and aren’t necessarily related to any of the conversations you are having.

I have been struggling with the idea of posting things about my learning process, and how I got from My Awakening (Parts 1 & 2) to where I am now.  Each time I think about it, I think that it is no longer a concern because I now understand that dilemma so well, and have grown past it. But then I realized, as this blog is for me to look back and remember, as well as possibly being helpful for others, I will start those posts.

Hecate named me, “Torch Bearer”, and by that, I take that I am NOT a teacher, but I am a person that can take people from on the edge, guide them to their path, and allow them to find a teacher.  I think that posting about my history, can help others.


How would you classify your religion?

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This is a question I have had put to me several times lately, and the more I think about it, the further I get from an answer.

I can tell you how I have come to the place I am. I can tell you so much about my faith, but when you ask about my religion, it asks me to classify my complex faith into a simple title. And Oh My Gods! I suck at naming things.

In fact, I nominated that I have that right taken away years ago. Of the millions of different umbrellas under which I could throw my hat, NONE are right. So, when I am asked this question, even though I am more than willing to answer, I have no answer.

How do you quantify infinite? How can you count the planets in the heavens? And then create an elevator pitch for it?

If I were to explain my religion, I would say MultiReligiousity. As the Unitarian Universalists put it, “It is like interfaith; however, doesn’t give the illusion of hard boundaries.”

As I learn more, I can see the efforts of each congregation/faith as being the efforts they need to do to appease their god. And even if the actions are offensive to me, it is still a divine act. Even if their actions are mis-guided within their own faith, they are still putting it forward thinking they assist their gods.

Who am I to question devotion, or faith, in something I might not be able to see. I can only act from within the knowledge I have, and honor your efforts at divinity. In a way, I have begun to appreciate the complexity of MultiReligiousity, and have begun to appreciate that naming a religion, is setting a boundary. It is creating a hurdle that will then have to be crossed.

When you step out of yourself, to see those around you, you act to them as if they are yourself. What was that golden rule? Treat others as you would wish to be treated? This is deeper than you may realize. It allows you to see the other as yourself, it allows you to appreciate that others have the same feelings, emotions, concerns, frustrations and ailments, that you do, it allows you to erase othering. We are the same. So making boundaries, only makes hurdles.

I think I would like to create a new religion, I call it: Oneness. It is a religion based on the fact that we are all one, and we act and treat people as they are us. Now, how do I start evangelizing this?

The simplest magics can be the most complicated

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You could make a million dollars, if you just do this one thing!

Sounds like it would have to be magic. And honestly, it is. But not the kind you think. Most things happen in a very practical way, and Magic can happen because your intention, your willpower, makes it happen. And while this can be, requesting/forcing energy to move at your will, but it can also be, setting a plan, finding options, and doing something.

If your goal is to make a million dollars, what do you think the first steps could be. Perhaps, going to take a shower, going downtown, and start putting in Applications to a few places. And if you got a few jobs, and worked hard for 10 or 15 years, that would indeed earn you a million dollars. Not what you had in mind, but quite practical.

Let’s think a little less grand. What if you wanted to make sure that your children would get to school safely on their bikes. Here is some simply practical things you can do to make that happen, that works like magic, but involves no magic wands or super powers.

You teach your children to be careful. You teach your children to watch out for cars, be respectful of others, build friendships, allow them to learn their neighborhood, and trust them.

Is it really magic? By definition, no, because by taking a practical route, you have taken the mystery out of it. Magic, by definition, is anything we do not understand.

But you have taken an aspect of your life, a fear that you have, thought forward and acted on it, and in a round about way, you have guaranteed the outcome you wanted. How is this NOT Magic?

You are using your willpower to control your surroundings.

I think we will discuss the kind of Magic you were thinking of a bit more later, but for now, know that your willpower, and enacting that willpower on your surroundings is one of the most complicated magics you can work, and it is tangible, and available to you right now.

Define what you want, think about how to make it happen, and take the first step.

Am I Crazy?

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I often joke that, as long as I am asking this question… I am probably alright.

The dilemma stands though.  I have stopped asking the question. I hear voices in my head, I listen to them (selectively), and I no longer ask the question.

My sister-in-law had the best quote from when she first started hearing things… “I’m a doctor! As soon as I started hearing things, I went through the [92?]* diagnoses, and accepted that I am not crazy.” *She said the right number, I don’t remember what it is.

As I am not a doctor, ow do I know that I do not seriously have a mental disorder? Great Question! Glad you asked!


Little bits of intuition that guide you in the right direction. A gut feeling that tells you that walking down the alley is not a safe thing right now. A memory that sparks in your mind like Deja vu, just in time to prevent you from making a mistake.

How many things can we push off onto the easy term, conincidence?

One Example: I set a plate on my Ancestry Alter. My grandfather thanked me for the offering and commented about how it was a shame that I couldn’t eat the same… I questioned him further.  He informed me of the wheat content. (Wheat is something I avoid). I didn’t believe him, so I went to check the package.  And it WAS an ingredient. I don’t know how I missed it.

So, this example has flaws.  if I were a skeptic, I would challenge that I could have noticed the ingredients subconsciously and slipped them into my delusion.

* Note: When I say skeptic, I mean someone who is willing to believe, but needs some evidence. Not the kind where there could never be enough evidence.

Second Example: I was joking with my wife and she snapped at me about something. I heard a response and said it out loud to her. She laughed really hard and commented how she didn’t realize she had told me about ‘that’.  I asked, and the response I had given her had a double meaning, and at once it was a great come back, and made fun of her for what she had done earlier.

Third Example: Walking with my wife after dinner, and we got to the edge of the woods.  I got a horrible chill and a feeling that it was not the place to be right then.  We turned away from the woods and walked home.  The next day, I read about how there had been an assault in those woods the evening we had been walking, if we had gone in, it might have been us.

Funnily enough, small confirmations happen all the time.  Warn me before I do something stupid, remind me to do something I was forgetting, or even give me a clue to a problem I am stuck on.

Perhaps I am just so smart that I know everything and can’t remember it all at once, maybe I have impressive intuition, maybe., I see dead people. But am I crazy? No.


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The most complicated aspect of my spirituality is that I regularly run into two aspects of myself or my actions that feel opposite yet are the same.

Since I was seven years old, I have been training in the Martial Arts.  I have trained in a Samurai art for almost 5 years now, and feel that with all of that, I am a pretty decent swordsman, I am pretty decent with my hands, and I have an eye for awareness.  Recently, I have been honing my skills with an English Long bow.  I enjoy weapons.

With that said, how is it that I can feel comfortable claiming I am a healer?  I am trained to the level of Reiki Master/Teacher, I have a gift for recognizing ailments, I have gone through a Shaman boot camp, where I learned to focus my gifts and correct Chakras and remove unneeded black energetic cords. I have also learned a fair bit about communication to assure and guide people in ways that they feel comfortable. I enjoy healing.

In thought, Healer and Warrior are not two gifts thought should be in the same person.  How could I possible heal one, and hurt another? I thought deeply about this as it holds true for me, and I needed to understand it.  And I realized that these are two sides of the same blade. These work for me because I heal those who need it, and I can remove them elements that are not healing.

What does a doctor do with Cancer?  They irradiate it.  They kill it.  They cut it out.  And they do this so the rest of the organism can live strongly.

So far, every religion I have studied has made room for violence.  We must remember when we are part of any religion, that we can not only adhere to the aspects we like, and ignore the rest. I actually wrote and gave a service at my congregation about Violence. To me, you must have violence in a world, in order to heal it.