What I see as the purpose in me being a shaman, is to aid the community in moving forward and continuing to grow. If you feel the need to reach out for service let me know. Below are the things I offer, but if you have questions beyond this, ask me.

  • Confidential Communication (It is amazing how healing it can be to just be heard)
  • Helping you find your own path, guide you in the dark. (Torchbearer)
  • Cleansings
    • Individual(s)
    • Personal Property
    • Business Property
  • Guided Journeys
  • Shielding/Protecting
  • Hands-on/energetic healing
    • Reiki
    • Craniosacral
    • Chakra cleansing
  • Spirit Guidance
    • Speaking with your Spirit Guides
    • Asking questions on your behalf
  • Divination with Misa (Medicine Bundle)
  • Fire Ceremony
  • Community Cleansing Ceremony – Dispatcho
  • Wedding Ceremonies
  • Teaching Qechua – Ok, that is a total lie, I know a few words here and there


Of course, a very common question I get is about how much these services cost… Well, in order to make my services accessible to those who need them, and based on what just feels right to me, I work on the Gift Economy. Basically, I will offer my services to you, as a gift. And if you feel the need, see the value in my work, you may offer a gift in return.

If you feel that you are in need of my services, please use the contact form, and email me.

Links: Please know that the Q’ero people are still struggling, here are a couple of links that can help you to appreciate their challenges.

Please help if you can!

The Heartwalk Foundation
Q’ero Crisis on Their Ancestral Land