Thinning of the veil

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Interesting time period as a sensitive.  This is the time of year when the veil between realities is at its thinnest, and it is easier for people to encounter spirits/entities/etc.

As a sensitive, it is always amazing the things you will see (and then realized that others don’t).  This year is a bit different for me.  I have been working closely with the new relationships I made in my Initiation to the South.

So far, I have spent 2 weeks with:

  1. Hatun Amaru (The Great Serpent)
  2. Otorongo (Jaguar)
  3. Huanacauri (Dragon)
  4. Siwar Q’enti (The Royal Hummingbird)
  5. Kuntor (The Condor) ~ Working with at Present

Will work with:

  1. Huáscar (Trickster spirit of the underworld) (Ironically will be with him/her over Halloween.  This should be interesting.
  2. Pirua (An organizing spirit of the Middle World)
  3. Pachakuti (An organizing Spirit of the Upper World)

At this moment in time, I am enjoying time with Kuntor.  And as part of this relationship building process, my team of spirits have stepped back so that I can really learn these new spirits as they will help me grow.  They are also shielding me from others.

I still speak briefly with my Ancestors, and while my team (Michael, Natalia, Aieulli) remain silent out of respect.  But in this time with the thinning veil, I hear my Ancestors, Hecate, Rabbi Jesus, Natalia, Aieulli, and Michael when none of us expect it.

Even with this much protection, it is easy to feel as if you are crazy from time to time, when voices appear in your head, and aren’t necessarily related to any of the conversations you are having.

I have been struggling with the idea of posting things about my learning process, and how I got from My Awakening (Parts 1 & 2) to where I am now.  Each time I think about it, I think that it is no longer a concern because I now understand that dilemma so well, and have grown past it. But then I realized, as this blog is for me to look back and remember, as well as possibly being helpful for others, I will start those posts.

Hecate named me, “Torch Bearer”, and by that, I take that I am NOT a teacher, but I am a person that can take people from on the edge, guide them to their path, and allow them to find a teacher.  I think that posting about my history, can help others.


One thought on “Thinning of the veil”

  1. We need to post our quests. This is our gift. At first I thought the internet is our ( humanity ) death. But it is our birth, we can now let everybody know. Are we crazy? Or not. If other people see what they experienced, shared. Their doubt, will be no more.

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