The simplest magics can be the most complicated

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You could make a million dollars, if you just do this one thing!

Sounds like it would have to be magic. And honestly, it is. But not the kind you think. Most things happen in a very practical way, and Magic can happen because your intention, your willpower, makes it happen. And while this can be, requesting/forcing energy to move at your will, but it can also be, setting a plan, finding options, and doing something.

If your goal is to make a million dollars, what do you think the first steps could be. Perhaps, going to take a shower, going downtown, and start putting in Applications to a few places. And if you got a few jobs, and worked hard for 10 or 15 years, that would indeed earn you a million dollars. Not what you had in mind, but quite practical.

Let’s think a little less grand. What if you wanted to make sure that your children would get to school safely on their bikes. Here is some simply practical things you can do to make that happen, that works like magic, but involves no magic wands or super powers.

You teach your children to be careful. You teach your children to watch out for cars, be respectful of others, build friendships, allow them to learn their neighborhood, and trust them.

Is it really magic? By definition, no, because by taking a practical route, you have taken the mystery out of it. Magic, by definition, is anything we do not understand.

But you have taken an aspect of your life, a fear that you have, thought forward and acted on it, and in a round about way, you have guaranteed the outcome you wanted. How is this NOT Magic?

You are using your willpower to control your surroundings.

I think we will discuss the kind of Magic you were thinking of a bit more later, but for now, know that your willpower, and enacting that willpower on your surroundings is one of the most complicated magics you can work, and it is tangible, and available to you right now.

Define what you want, think about how to make it happen, and take the first step.

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