What is a Khuya?

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After several failed attempts, I have learned that writing about my Khuya is one of the more difficult things I have had to write. However, being able to articulate anything about them would be helpful – so I will try. (A random note, It is made all the more intimidating by the fact that I currently have 13 Khuya.)

A Khuya is a stone that carries abundant kawsay (life energy) and is considered a stone of power and a living being. It is used for healing, processing heavy energy, aiding the Paq’o in learning more about themselves, and communicating with the spirit world. The word itself means love or affection, but is also interpreted as Awakened Stone. Khuyas are at the heart of the Misa. The Misa is at the heart of my ability to be a Paq’o. A Misa (Short for Misaq’epe in Quechua) is roughly equivalent to our current understanding of a Medicine Bundle.

Each Khuya is connected to the Shaman, yet is the sheer essence of a feeling or a role the Shaman carries. It can also hold the essence of something tied to yet distinct from the Shaman. It’s essence makes it unique in the Misa, and in the world. Even if another Paq’o has an Anger Khuya, mine is unique because it was created with an aspect of me.

Magically, Khuya are unique in what they are.  Most magical items, are either magical because they are controlled by a persons’ magic, or because they have their own consciousness and power.  Khuya are the only items, I am aware of, that are both.  They are connected to the Paq’o, yet have their own consciousness.

Every Khuya does several things to help the Paq’o. (Here are the general bits, each post will elaborate further)

  1. Every Khuya is like an aspect of me dedicated to processing and cleaning up heavy feelings related to the individual stone. Hucha is the word for Heavy Energy. Stuff that is too difficult or scary for me to process in my every day. Sami is the word for Light Energy. Stuff that is easily processed and built upon. Each Khuya can work as a friend who helps you process your hard feelings, and returns your efforts with Sami.
  2. Each Khuya allows me a place where I can process and review my interactions with a specific emotion, experience, or memory.
  3. It gives me a view of each aspect in myself or others, that I can use in a reading with my Misa. (Like a Divination type reading)

Having these Khuya give me a unique set of abilities in regards to processing energy. Khuya are a remarkable part of this lineage, and a person without Khuya will never be able to process as much energy as you could with them. Imagine having over a dozen employees that can help you do the work of your every day… They are invaluable.

Writing this post was in someways an afterthought, but it became essential when I realized that I would have to write this description at the top of every post where I described an individual Khuya.


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    1. The energy from each stone comes from a combination of Me, my memories or experiences, and Pachamama. (Mother Earth)

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