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One thing that I find troubling about worship is the amount of effort it takes.

While I am aware the effort is part of the point, I often feel that taking that first step, putting that initial effort forward, is like an opening gambit in chess. It is requesting a relationship that you then need to maintain. That is where the hesitation comes in.

This train of thought really gets me thinking about the relationships I have now, and how hard it seems to be to maintain them. How my efforts seem to be never enough. (Insert several more expressions for anxiety here)

But when it comes down to it, so many of the things with which I work, exist as a consciousness because they have been believed in. So the fact that I even fret about not offering enough to maintain a “proper” relationship, is in fact, worship onto itself…

I am quite excited at this realization. But that got me thinking deeper… What Spirits/Gods am I worshipping that I have not acknowledged? How many hours a day do I spend worrying about the dishes or a confrontation at work? Ever notice how the more you worry about something, the bigger it seems to get?

Also, how many hours do I spend on my computer, my phone, Facebook, Instagram? It made me see that putting an Apple Logo on my God Alter might not go amiss…

By having a subscription to Amazon Prime, am I increasing the energetic power of the spirit created through the worship? All of the sudden, my ideas of social justice give me some clear boundaries on where and with what I worship. It brings much more meaning to “Every dollar is a vote.”

What do you worship that you aren’t yet aware of?

6 Rabbits

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How do you know if something is a sign or when it is a coincidence? This is something that constantly challenges me.  I honestly feel that nothing is a coincidence, but then, how do you prevent yourself from reading into everything as dire?

I have 2 answers for this, depending on the situation.

  1. Spiritual Accounting: (This is something my mentor, Jim Stovall, is often talking about.) In the situation of an entity reaching out to you, you need to let them acquire some trust, before letting their advice jeopardize your life, livelihood, or family. This is easy enough. Take notes. If Spirit-Bob gives you advice about your 401k, and it pans out well, maybe he knows something about investment. Maybe finance is his forte, and you feel like you can trust him with that kind of advice.  But a truth here, does not means truth everywhere.  All entities are alike in that way.  I am great with math, but I am terrible at describing the contents of a news article I was just prompted to read.  Spirit-Bob may be a wiz in finance, but maybe a heart-sick fool when it comes to love.  Spirit-Bob should not automatically get the ‘cred’ on all things, because he proved good with finance… You might have to work with Spirit-Joanne on matters of the heart.  (Who is not at all trustworthy with matters at work).  It all comes down to keeping track of the advice each entity gives you and how it pans out, so you may build a history from which to offer trust.
  2. Consistency: (Here I would like to give some credit to my friend Laura with Wild Goose Guidance.) Let’s say you see a bunny cross your path… Don’t instantly go all, “What dreadful thing am I drawing towards me, by trying to avoid it?” (FYI: Laura was a bit more eloquent with that description.)  I feel that a single “sighting”, in passing, is not enough to start looking deep into this matter. However, while I was walking this morning, I had 6 rabbits run across my path.  Considering I might see 1 rabbit a week normally, this stood out as something to think about.  Not to mention, that if my eyes had been closed, I am sure I still would have encountered 5 of these 6 rabbits.

I would say that 6 times, is enough to get you thinking…

So… What dreadful thing am I drawing towards me, by trying to avoid it?